wax melt pots & packs

wax melt pots are simple and easy to use. There are 6 segments so you can just easily break off a chunk. Place the required amount  in your burner and you are good to go.

Watch as your favourite scent slowly heats up and releases an amazing fragrance to fill your home. These melts will last for approximately 2 days.

When the oil has burnt out simply replace with a new melt. If melted simply soak place cotton wool in and it will be easily soaked up. If it has been left to solidify melt the underside then pop out.

I love to use spring rain it reminds me of  a warm April day, summer on its way. Also top of my list are food fragrances like blueberry cheesecake or coffee caramel which are both calming and relaxing soft scents. Whatever you choose I can guarantee you will surely love them all.

Whatever your mood just pop in a chunk of your chosen flavour and it will be sure to lift your spirits. Soy wax melt pots are easy to stack and store.

You can use your melts in an electric plug in warmer or a wax burner with a candle tea light. I find the plug in mini warmers work better. Mini warmers with a bulb heat the wax to a higher temperature therefore giving a strong scent throw from the fragranced oil. Many larger dish warmers don’t always get hot enough to melt the wax properly so won’t give  a strong enough scent. However you use your waxes they will give your home a new lease of life. You will definitely not be disappointed.

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Showing 1–15 of 53 results