snap bars

Snap bars are just so handy. They are one of my favourite designs for melts. Simply snap off a chunk or more if you have a larger warmer. The amazing fragrances will fill your home with joy.

Snap bars are approximately 50g of natural soy wax. Soy wax gives a clean burn, unlike some wax mixes. I use fragrance oils especially for this specific wax, from French and UK companies.

I prefer to use a mini warmer or electric warmer for my wax melts. Just my personal preference but I feel they are also a safer option when children are around. This is because the wax doesn’t get as hot as it does with a tea light candle. A tea light burner is perfectly ok to use, it just gets hotter and it may burn any fragrance out of a melt faster than a warmer.

Snap bars are just one of a few melts that I make here at melts by maycia. Please see my other melts available. Mini melts are super cute and easy to use. Ideal size for a smaller warmer or pop two in for a stronger scent.  I also have mixed packs if you prefer a variety of fragrances.

Whatever you choose you will not be disappointed. Thanks for taking the time to browse my shop.

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Showing 1–15 of 20 results