mini melts

mini melts, why I hear you asking. Well, mini melts come in packs of 9 and Sample packs of 2 and  are so easy to use. You would only usually need 1 melt at a time. Don’t be deceived by their little-ness. Just because they are mall doesn’t mean they won’t smell as strong. Because they are definitely as fragranced as any larger melts.

You can store your mini melts in a jar which looks really pretty. Or they can be kept in the polypropylene bag they are supplied in. Polypropylene is recyclable. So is also friendly for the world and nature.

When I make my melts I leave them for at least 2 weeks to cure. This gives you the maximum scent throw possible. Soy wax is best used when it has fully cured with the fragrance oils used. This is why I don’t have loads and loads of stock. If I took pre-orders it would mean you would have a long wait. And I personally don’t like to wait when using melts.

One of my favourites is the fruity fresh rhubarb and strawberry scent. Another favourite has to be island paradise. I imagine sitting on a deserted beach with a cocktail or two.

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Showing all 13 results