Handmade soy wax melts

Welcome to my shop melts by maycia. I am a home run business who takes great care and pride in my handmade wax melts. I use soy wax and special fragrances purchased from reputable companies. I also try to stock as many fragrances as possible to give you a wider choice.

A little about wax melts. All my melts are made from natural soy wax which gives a clean burn. Pop your melt in a wax burner with a tealight or a mini warmer and watch as it melts and fills your home with a magical scent.



How and why to use wax melts

Soy wax melts are an alternative to candles and give off an amazing scent to fill your home. Easy to use just pop the required amount of wax into a warmer or tealight burner and as it melts and heats up it releases the fragrance. I have found a plug in bulb warmer or a tealight candle warmer work best with these. Sometimes the larger dish electric warmers dont get hot enough for the soy wax to release its fragrance. Soy wax also gives off a clean natural burn. The melt will usually last 2 days before the fragrance burns out and needs changing. Simply soak the melted wax up with cotton wool. If left to cool the melts will solidify. To remove once solid turn on your burner to slightly melt the underside of the wax then slide out and dispose of.

Please note – while a tea light candle burner works perfectly well your scent may not last as long as in a warmer specifically for wax. The reason for this is that an oil burner with a candle burns much hotter than a wax warmer and therefore burns the scent out quicker, so your melts may not last as long in a candle burner.

My wax melts are fully clp compliant. 

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